Atlantis Slots Game

There are a great many online slots out there in cyberspace that contain the title “Atlantis”, so if Microgaming ever wished for this simple three reeled classic slot to be remembered as the definitive Atlantis themed slot, they would have to make certain that there was something memorable about it. Fortunately for Microgaming, and to our great delight, there is. It certainly isn’t the theme, because there’s barely anything relating to Atlantis about either the graphics or the symbols in this slot, but the special features certainly help!


How to play Atlantis slots online

So, a classic slot with special features then? Yes, and we’ll come to that in just a minute, but for now, let’s focus on the wagers. Atlantis offers 3 reels and just a single payline to play with. Coin denominations vary from $0.25 up to $5, as in most Microgaming classics. A total of two coins can be staked per spin, so that gives Atlantis a cheap maximum wager of only $10, whilst the minimum stake is the aforementioned $0.25.

We’ve mentioned that the icons used in this slot aren’t exactly Atlantean in theme, they are actually more plain oceanic than anything else. Sea shells, sea-horse shaped sevens, and a treasure chest, are about as close as you are going to get. These icons are joined in this classic slot, by single, double and treble bars.

Atlantis Slot Bonus Features

Now, we’ll talk to you about those all important special features you wanted to know about. The treasure chest icon isn’t just a jackpot paying symbol; it also trebles as a wild symbol and a multiplier too. Players who bag a treasure chest on the payline can use it to substitute for any other symbol they might need to complete the payline. A single wild symbol will also offer a 2x multiplier if it used, whilst finding two of them on the payline will see a 4x multiplier appear.

Atlantis slot Payouts

The amount you can win from a payline depends on how much you have wagered. Naturally, if you take a peek at the pay table, you will see that it is divided into single and double coin payouts. Any 1 seashell pays out 2 or 4 coins, depending on whether you’ve staked 1 or 2 coins. Any 3 bars pays out 3 or 6 coins, any 2 seashells pays out either 5 or 10 coins, whilst 3 single bars, three seashells or three double bars pay up 10 or 20 coins, 20 or 40 coins, and 25 or 50 coins respectively. If a player bags 3 triple bar symbols, they’ll win 50 coins on a single coin stake, or 100 coins on a 2 coin stake. 3 sea horse shaped 7s will cough up either 100 or 200 coins depending on your stake too.

The Atlantis jackpot

In order to win either of the two jackpots in this classic slot game, you will need to have 3 of the treasure chest wild/multiplier icons on your payline. There are technically two jackpots available to win, with a 1 coin stake paying out 800 coins to a winner. Wager the maximum stake of $10 a line over 2 coins, and you could come away with a top jackpot worth 1,600 coins in total, which is around about $8,000 in real money.

Other notes on Atlantis

It can be so easy to cast Atlantis themed slots aside. They have been created and redesigned so many times now that it has become a staple of online casino software developers, and many of them are in fact, rubbish. Microgaming’s three reeled Atlantis slot though, is not one of those titles.

This Atlantis slot – although it has practically no Atlantis theme whatsoever – is a worthy three reeled slot machine game with a twist, wilds and multipliers. The fact of the matter is though, that is doesn’t matter what Microgaming had decided to call this slot, or what theme they would have chosen for it, with a design and gameplay format like this, this slot was always going to be popular with both the classic gamers and those looking for cheap slot game with a decent jackpot alike.

All in all, this is a worthy winner. It might not be an Atlantis themed slot on the outside, but inside it is just as captivating as the ancient legend.